Taking the pressure off - Choosing the right Compaction Equipment for the job!

March 22, 2016 - 9:55am

Compaction plays a vital part in any Earthmoving construction and civil works project. They’re used on roads, earthworks etc…and with many different compaction rollers in the market, knowing which is best suited for your job could save you money in the long run. Matthew Burns, our Coffs Harbour Hire Branch Manager has provided his expert advice and tips on determining what equipment best suits your needs.  

For starters, it’s extremely important that the correct type of compaction is used in conjunction with correct processes to ensure job specification is achieved the first time saving client’s time & money. Whether you use jackrammers, single drum, double drum or multi tyred rollers – ensure that your project requires that type of compaction and no less.
Don’t forget that along with excellent equipment, seeking a good hirer with experienced staff is equally as important. With the vast range and different types of rollers on offer, sometimes we tend to overlook this crucial area and go for what’s most financially viable. Knowledgeable staff often know what’s most efficient and effective for your project, which could save you from hiring incorrect gear at times or worse doubling up unnecessarily! Below are different types of compaction equipment and their various applications: 

Trench Compactor with Remote

Light Compaction equipment is great for compaction of earthworks and sub bases. They're easy to transport and convenient for smaller compaction jobs. Typical areas of application include: pipelines and trenching, backfilling, footpaths, cycle paths, foundations, garden design, landscaping and concrete blocks.

Vibratory Double Drum Roller

Vibratory Rollers are ideally used for compaction of asphalt and soil layers. Standard applications include wear courses and sub base layers in new constructions, maintenance work on the medium to large scale construction projects, hydraulically bound material etc... The rollers come in a variety of configurations such as smooth drum, Padfoot drum and combination format.

Multi Tyred Roller


Rubber tyred vibratory units are preferred in residential & commercial areas due to their low vibration emissions having minimal impact to surrounding businesses and communities. These units also excel when working next to kerb and guttering making them ideal for subdivision work. Typical applications are asphalt, sub layer compaction, final and finishing compaction.

Beresfield Branch Manager

Meet Matthew Burns, our TBH Coffs Harbour, NSW Branch Manager

Matt spent 9 years in the heavy diesel vehicle industry before joining Tutt Bryant in 2008. The Branch in which he manages at Coffs Harbour started off as a humble home office with 6 machines servicing the area; a 12T Excavator, 5t Hirail Excavtor, 12T Front End loader, 3.5T & 12T Padfoot Rollers and a 12T Smooth drum. The branch under Matt's guidance has since grown to impressively house approx 300 units of construction equipment.



Tutt Bryant Hire has an extensive fleet of class leading Bomag Rollers, Tampers and Compactors.  For more information, contact your nearest Tutt Bryant Hire branch on 1300 137 202