Artliner Pads

 In Japan, the construction work ordered by the Ministry of Construction and Local Governments, it is mandatory for the construction companies to use rubber track crawler excavators when using heavy machinery on the road. Artliners are enabling these laws to be met without making expensive investments in new machinery. By easy attaching, Artliners can be installed on your existing steel tracked excavator, converting it into a rubber tracked excavator.

Artliners can be attached to various models of crawler excavators, call BT to further discuss your requirements for your excavator.

Why use Artliners on your steel tracked excavator?

  • Protection of road surfaces - the rubber over the stell track protects road surfaces and asphalt from damage
  • Dual roles for excavator - steel tracked excavator becomes a rubber tracked excavator
  • Cost effective - rather than purchasing a rubber tracked excavator, utilise your existing steel track excavator and fit Artliners
  • Maintenance and Management costs decreased - when a rubber track excavator has damaged rubbers, it is neccessary to replace the whole track. When using Artliners, replacement is only required on the individual damaged rubber piece
  • Good stability - compared to rubber track excavators, Artliner has a larger contact area with surface meaning more stability
  • Easy attaching & detaching - Artliners use stoppers on one side which make attaching and detaching easy

Artliner Pads 1
Artliner Pads