Bomag Light Equipment

The world of compaction is changing and Bomag is at the heart of the process. Bomag continues to explore exciting new products and applications whilst continuing to improve existing products. Bomag are compaction specialists focused solely on compaction solutions for our customers.

Bomag offers a 4-stroke Tamper and a Diesel Tamper with an operating weight of 62kg up to 80kg. Bomag Tampers are ideally suited for compaction in trenches and pipelines, back filling, foundations & asphalt patching.

Bomag Single Direction Plates are ideally suited for use in soils and asphalt compaction, interlocking blocks, pavers, footpaths construction and maintenance, trenches and pipelines, sports grounds, landscaping and groundwork engineering.

Bomag Reversible Plates are predominately used for compaction of earthworks and sub bases. Typical areas of application include: pipelines and trenching, backfilling, footpaths, cycle paths, foundations, garden design, landscaping and concrete blocks.

The Bomag Pedestrian Roller is designed to give the operator optimum results in a wide range of applications on granular materials as well as asphalt. Bomag Pedestrian Rollers are ideal for use on small to medium sized jobs where size and mobility are important including: footpaths, patching, car parks, landscaping, sports grounds, estate roads and minor asphalt repairs.


Bomag 4 Stroke Tamper
Bomag 4 Stroke Tamper