Bomag Refuse Landfill Compactors

The world of compaction is changing and Bomag is at the heart of the process. Bomag continues to explore exciting new products and applications whilst continuing to improve existing products. Bomag are compaction specialists focused solely on compaction solutions for our customers.

Bomag Landfill Compactors have been developed for the maximization of site void space. Bomags purpose built range of compactors (28 to 55 tonnes) embody the results of years of hard earned experience on the toughest waste disposal sites on earth.

Performance to maximise compaction, reduce fire hazard and minimize the presence of vermin on any waste site large or small. Bomag delivers outstanding compaction, operator safety & comfort, environmental protection, reliability and operational economy every time.

Bomags pacesetting design includes:

  • fully sealed & enclosed frame eliminating dust ingress protects, drive component & eliminates fire risk
  • massive oscillating joints allow maximum wheel pressure on waste at up to 30 degree oscillation and extreme traction performance under severe conditions
  • hydrostatic system with four independent circuits delivering higher operating efficiency and torque to the wheel motors

Bomag Refuse/Landfill Compactor - BC572RB
Bomag Refuse/Landfill Compactor - BC572RB