Tutt Bryant Equipment is pleased to announce a new customer service offering through the newly released "TBAnalysis Lubricant Analysis System". This now supersedes our previous system called PROBE which you have been using. The new TBAnalysis system has been introduced using the same independent laboratories however this is not just a name change. Included in these changes is a new internet based, exclusive web site that provides customer access to sample results and reports on a live real time basis.

TBAnalysis is a comprehensive lubricant wear and cleanliness analysis system designed for owners / operators of heavy equipment regardless of brand. TBAnalysis provides a comprehensive approach to oil analysis through the latest analysis technologies, fast lab results, understandable reports with analysis comment as well as a customer accessible on-line viewing system via internet access.

TBAnalysis is the ultimate PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE tool for equipment owners whether they own one machine or a fleet. Based on your report analysis you can determine such items as schedule maintenance intervals, lubricant and filter change intervals. TBAnalysis can save you money by detecting potentially serious problems before they occur. When you consider the capital cost of your equipment, TBAnalysis lubricant analysis is an extremely cost effective way of protecting your investment and reducing running costs.

Visit us at TBAnalysis to open a new account or arrange for online web access to your reports by contacting us via the CONTACT US link. 

Note: Some conditions apply to online account access.