Yanmar Carriers

Yanmar developed their first carrier in 1971 to be used in National Parks and landscape gardens. Yanmar now offers 3 Rubber Tracked models complete with ROPS bar or ROPS canopy that offer excellent traction and low ground bearing pressure. Ideal for use on construction sites as well as landscaping, forestry etc.

The Yanmar C12R-B is the most popular model with a track width of 950mm and a payload of 1,150kg.

The C30R-US and C50R-3B units come standard with Forward/Reverse Skid Steer Steering making them ideal for operating in underground tunnels or in water causeways.


Model Operating Weight Files
C12R-B 2,426 kg Brochure ( 5.32 MB PDF )
C30R-US 2,365 kg Brochure ( 9.13 MB PDF )
C50R-3C 5,290 kg Brochure ( 1.29 MB PDF )
Yanmar Carrier C12R
Yanmar Carrier C12R