Sumitomo 24T Excavator

Tutt Bryant Hire’s recent addition to its current fleet of earthmoving equipment is the Sumitomo SH240-5 24 tonne excavator.

The excavator is equipped with a number of new features further enhancing its reputation as a reliable and economical piece of earthmoving machinery. It incorporates both Sumitomo’s patented SPACE5 engine and SIHS hydraulic systems providing operators with consistent high performance and efficiency.

Brad Lantry from the Coffs Harbour Council recently hired the excavator and commented that “It’s a great addition. I found it uses considerably less fuel compared to other makes I have operated. In our application of the equipment, it handled very difficult situations and performed extremely well. It definitely ticks all the boxes, a great machine to operate and consistently performs to a very high standard. I will be requesting this machine as much as possible for our upcoming projects”

To enquire about our new Sumitomo Excavator or other equipment, contact your nearest Tutt Bryant Hire branch on 1300 137 202.


  • SPACE5 System – Sumitomo Powerful and Clean Engine System
  • SIHS System – Sumitomo Intelligent Hydraulic System
  • Improved Operator Comfort – Redesigned cabin and seat for optimum comfort
  • Improved safety measures – Anti-theft alarms, gate lock lever and console tilt-up function

Quick Specs:

  • 18% reduction in fuel consumption compared to previous models
  • 5.85m boom length
  • 1.10m3 bucket capacity

Sumitomo SH240 24T
Sumitomo SH240 24T (2)