Tutt Bryant undertake expert training on new 100t Crawler Crane

December 23, 2015 - 8:42am

Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift is pleased to announce the purchase of a new HSC SCX1000A-3 100t Crawler crane. Extremely durable and reliable, the new crane is a welcome asset to Tutt Bryant’s extensive fleet of crawler cranes.

An important feature of the new crane is its ability to maintain “Tracks on” whilst undertaking transport. This function allows for quick and easy assembly on site resulting in significant cost savings on transport and assembly. The variable counterweight also allows the crane to work as a 70, 80, 90 or100t crane and comes factory fitted with a Remote Sensing System (A GPS system that relays back to the factory crane position, history of loads, performance and importantly any issues with the crane) mitigating any issues immediately.

On delivery of the first of these cranes, seven Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift crane specialists undertook a Hitachi Sumitomo Crane run factory training course in our Dandenong depot. This was a 5 day course covering:

. Safety Functions and LMI

. Full Compliance to EN13000 with data loggers and external override switches

. Operating Features / Changes compared to existing Models

. Model Overview

. Maintenance & Repairs                                                                                                

. Trouble shooting Faults / Error codes & Fault Diagnosis

. GPS Remote Sensing

. Assembly / Dis assembly

The course was run in a very structured and professional manor with all participants coming away with a comprehensive understanding of this new model crane, providing them with the necessary tools and confidence to complete any required work or issues in the future.

Each Crane Specialist received a certificate of recognition from Hitachi-Sumitomo (HSC) authorising diagnosis and repairs as well as the instructing of others on the safe assembly, operation and di-assembly of the crane.

This level of training is extremely important to TBHL&S’ business model as it enables us to respond as soon as practicable to any faults or errors, minimising downtime to the machine and ensuring our customers have utilisation of the equipment when they require it.

TBHL&S Crane Specialists receive identical training on all the equipment that is within the vast range of our fleet. Crane Specialists are trained and qualified to that of the OEM’s own employees making TBHL&S the true one stop shop for all your heavy lifting and shifting requirements.

TBHLS Staff who undertook Hitachi Sumitomo Crane training
TBHLS Staff who undertook Hitachi Sumitomo Crane training
New HSC SCX1000A-3 100t Crawler crane
New HSC SCX1000A-3 100t Crawler crane